Little People, Big DUI


OK, if this dude is getting pulled over for driving under the influence, the four horseman of the apocalypse can’t be too far behind because the world is officially screwed. Seems when he’s not dishing out life lessons on his “hit” TLC show, Matt Roloff likes to play Mad Max in Oregon. I guess this means he may also be appearing in a show on Court TV, and if we’re lucky, maybe one like Oz (no, not the one that starts off in Kansas, but good catch).

I don’t want to hate on little people or anything, but if there’s anyone out there who should be careful about their booze consumptions it’s them — and maybe toddlers. The only benefit I can see is that Yank beer would actually have the affect of a real beer.

I’m never driving in the states again. You never know who’s driving drunk down there.


  1. Zane

    Hell, here in Arizona, I know of a guy that got pulled over on his horse and was arrested for DUI….

  2. lauren

    I think everyone messes up. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.
    I think the picture of this guy isn’t necessary, you are coming off as a bit of a hater towards little people. I doubt his intentions were to get pulled over they never are. it bothers me there’s a posting of a little person for a DWI and not of someone whose much larger. Especially since people who drive while under the influence are generally much larger, believers that their not drunk because of their size.

  3. Darc

    Actually, he took it to trial and won. This is still (sometimes) a country founded on innocent until proven guilty. He had a really good case and was not DUI. Know the facts people.

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