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The shaggin’ wagon rides again


russel crowe

I know I’m in the minority here, but I think 3:10 to Yuma sucked shit. It was basically a rip-off of Lord of the Rings only with a doughy Aussie instead of a stumpy Brit. A band of brave westerners embark on a quest to deliver outlaw-renaissance man Russell Crowe to justice in Yuma. Chased by a pack of evil-doers, our heroes find a shortcut through a mountain that leads to climactic a ending where one of the guys that everyone likes gets offed. Sheeesh.

This plot should have stayed on whatever public bathroom stall door it was written on and Clint Eastwood should kick the ass of anyone who compares this steamer to the Unforgiven.

I want my $10.50 back.

Public Service Posting

This is what happens to hungover backseat drivers when they pay more attention to Fergie than they do to highway detour notifications. Don’t let backseat freakouts happen to you — pay attention to posted signs and construction detours.

Again, sorry Steve.

Filmed by cuzoogle on the way to Golden, B.C.

Brokeback Moraine Lake Mountain

Brokeback Moraine Lake Mountain

Just spent a blurry long weekend partying in the rockies at Banff and Kicking Horse. I was mostly boozing, but some of the guys decided to re-enact movie posters for gay cowboy movies. Well done fellas. Too bad you didn’t do it in Vegas — what happens at Moraine Lake stays on the Internet.

More pics later. Woot.