Brokeback Moraine Lake Mountain

Brokeback Moraine Lake Mountain

Just spent a blurry long weekend partying in the rockies at Banff and Kicking Horse. I was mostly boozing, but some of the guys decided to re-enact movie posters for gay cowboy movies. Well done fellas. Too bad you didn’t do it in Vegas — what happens at Moraine Lake stays on the Internet.

More pics later. Woot.


  1. Steve

    You are way off, they look very manly

  2. Are you sure that’s all they did was re-enact the movie posters? No role play? No pantomimes? No running lines just to stay loose? There looks like some serious surprise and a touch of regret in that photo. God bless the internet.

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    […] The view was amazing and there was a small mountain for the boys to climb. There was even a brokeback moment you should check out. We sat and enjoyed the view standing on the logs and could not believe how […]

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