3:10 to Yuma more like 4:15 to Better-Off-Kicked-in-the-Nuts-ville

russel crowe

I know I’m in the minority here, but I think 3:10 to Yuma sucked shit. It was basically a rip-off of Lord of the Rings only with a doughy Aussie instead of a stumpy Brit. A band of brave westerners embark on a quest to deliver outlaw-renaissance man Russell Crowe to justice in Yuma. Chased by a pack of evil-doers, our heroes find a shortcut through a mountain that leads to climactic a ending where one of the guys that everyone likes gets offed. Sheeesh.

This plot should have stayed on whatever public bathroom stall door it was written on and Clint Eastwood should kick the ass of anyone who compares this steamer to the Unforgiven.

I want my $10.50 back.


  1. Roger Ebert

    While I don’t disagree with your review of “3:10 to Yuma,” I have to question your accusation that it’s a rip-off of “The Lord of the Rings.” The movie is, after all, a remake of the 1957 version, which starred Canadian actor Glenn Ford. This was many years before Tolkien’s classic was turned into a movie in 1978 (and again, more successfully, in the early 2000s). Of course, “The Lord of the Rings” books were published in 1954-55, so the makers of the original “3:10 to Yuma” could have been so inspired…

  2. Jack Donovan

    This movie gets my whole-hearted 2 thumbs down. It sucked in every possible sense. Speaking of which, it made very little sense and the plot was slower than cold molasses. What a waste of time.

  3. Tor Guy

    Fucking Goodie 2 shoes movie (SHIT MOVIE),Russell crow u let me down man. Like Hollywoods getting out of its game now man. Russell crow helps the guy capturing him, and then shoots his own crew, he changes into this Angel al of a fucking sudden, gimme a break, stupid movie to predictable,Get off ur jewish ass and get the real Western thing goin on and fuck the lovey helping eachother crap, save that for the god damn Romantic Comedys or love movies assholes.

  4. michael

    Soooo shit! why would he turn himself in after all he went through to escape? So some little weed would think more of his dad. pffft the guy was a cold blooded murderer this film really got my goat! especially how he shoots his crew and gets on the train at the end, is this suppposed to make us feel warm inside. And that blonde dude had way too much makeup on, he looked hot!

  5. yeah man this movie fuckin sucked balls. they portrayed wade as a two faced mother fucker. the first and real wade would have never tried to get on that train, he would have cut that fuckers other leg off and taken his kid back to the fuckers ranch and busted a train on that fools wife while making that pissy kid watch and cry like the bitch he was. that bitch looked like she wanted to get some of wades snake.

  6. tovar

    the writers can stay on strike if this is the kind of shit they think of. the critics on rotten tomatos loved this movie. the ending was so ridiculous it was hard to watch. who comes up with crap like this?

  7. TJ

    It was sooo stupid. why wouldn’t they just shoot crowe’s posse from the hotel when they had a clear shot & the guys couldn’t see them?

    And the ridiculous turns just went ON & ON from there. like why didn’t crowe character tell his guys to cease fire if he suddenly wanted to help the guy?

    i thought he was TRYING to do a john woo, where the good guy’s bad & the bad guy’s good & they’re each other’s alter egos. But it sucked so hard.

  8. DJ Strawberry

    OH MY GOOD. This ending was so fantastic …..NOT!!!!!. It suxxxxx so much. Okay, the beginning was alright and the plot was developing well, but as soon as they tried to make that escape to the station, the movie just went downhill. All logics was demolished in that sequence. You can’t convince me that a hardened criminal like Wade would all of a sudden melt into this perfect hero. And what the hell, his posse ordered the town’s people not to shoot their boss, and what happens next….. they start shooting at their own boss. ABSURD. Ridiculous,. i’ve had enough, seriously……

  9. JM

    The Original 3:10 to Yuma was boring, and it had a ending that didn’t follow with the villians character. The remake wasn’t boring, but its ending was still out of character, and therefore, just as big a crap as the original. Can’t anyone in Holy Wood write a decent script ending? Every movie that comes out is WORSE than the one before it. No wonder Americans like “reality” and “idol” shows. We are so used to watching crap and listening to our politicians lie that we are no longer the America of the 50’s and 60’s, but have become a land without any direction (except for the religious nuts).

  10. david keith

    “3:10 to yuma” was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen,
    western or otherwise. It is like a candle unto the sun when
    compared to the “Unforgiven”.
    The ending was something you expect on a really crappy, thirty minute T.V. show.

  11. Peter G

    Thank fuck I am not alone in thinking I have wasted some precious hours of my life watching this utter crap.

    I can’t think of a worse film off the top of my head. What is more, I can’t begin to think why the film got such rave reviews (rotten tomatos 88% – that’s from people like us!).

    I typed in ‘3 10 to yuma is shit’ into google and here I am.

  12. Jesus

    you people have to be among the most retarded ive come across. 310 to yuma was a deadly movie, anyone who says otherwise is a filthy gook

  13. Michae

    that reall wound me up hearing this review say elijah wood is a brit!!! he’s a fucking yank you arsehole!! ,get your facts right!!!

  14. Hola, lo que has dicho me ha sido de utilidad. Aunque tendría que decir que alguno de los otros post distinto no me
    pareció tan bueno, el de hoy me ha gustado mucho.
    Saludos y gracias

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