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This morning, I woke in Halifax to clear skies, mild temperature and a cancelled flight from Air Canada. Sure it was delayed at first, but I thought the fact that the wind died down overnight and what little snow had fallen was now melting meant that this would be my only issue getting home. It’s Air Canada after all. They couldn’t get a plane off the ground on time even if the pilots were promised free hookers and blow upon arrival instead of the regular staff-discounted hookers and blow.

Anyway, shortly later, as the birds in the trees were singing underneath clear skies and sunshine, my flight gets cancelled.

Now I’m sitting in Halifax International waiting to go to Montreal so I can get on another flight home to Toronto. Total bullshit.

If I was the man I was ten years ago I’d take a flamethrower to this place. Ok, maybe just a high-powered fire hose.

I’m pissed.