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Montreal, Quebec

Got back from Montreal late last night. Was a long week, but we took care of business.

I didn’t get my regular smoked meat sandwhich because my usual smoked meat solution provider — Ben’s deli — is closed. How people let that happen I cannot understand — but I’m sure their cholesterol levels are better for it. In any case, it was still a fun time. Here are some highlights:

+ Super Sexe. Ok, I didn’t go in this time, but I’m always happy to see this fun factory in the middle of one of the coolest streets in town. In Toronto, it would be a Starbucks or an over-priced tapas-wine-bar rip-off-ery.

+ Simons. I’m not a big shopper, but this is the best department store in Canada and I loaded up.

+ Crescent St. There’s a lot crap bars in this pub district, but Brutopia isn’t one of them. If you’re gonna get a hangover installed, this is great place to buy the parts.

+ Speaking French. I’m so rusty, I don’t know why I bothered — but it was an interesting change nonetheless. I’m sure I heard two Starbucks staffers cutting me up in frog after I ordered. It’s OK, for the other 360 days of the year they’re the ones who talk funny and get made fun of by me.

+ S.L.S.s everywhere.

Now I’m off to Calgary. Hopefully I’ll be able to update more frequently this time around.