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I’m not all that into celebrity gossip, but I saw this pic of Tara Reid looking like a “special” kid riding some kind of af aquatic shortbus and I had to grab it. Some rich Australian dude flew her in to promote something called the Magic Millions carnival. Apparently Aussies are easily impressed if all it takes is a G-list celeb to get them to shell out for some crap fair.

Not to worry — by the looks of it she was paid in dolphin rides. Unfortunately the dolphins had to go through a battery of tests for STDs and Alcohol Poisoning after she was finished.

More pics of Tara and the dolphins.

Two women made history Sunday when they were married in an Edmonton-area correctional facility — becoming the first same-sex couple to be wed in a ladies’ prison.

This story almost made my head explode until I realized that lady prison probably isn’t as sexy as they make it out in the movies. Apparently Jello wrestling and pillow fights are forbidden and being thrown in the hole doesn’t mean what I think it does.

Sheryl Crow bikini

Hey Sheryl,

I know you’re just trying to “soak up the sun” on stage in some stupid practical joke on John Mayer, but “all I wanna do” is wrap you in a sheet and put you in a time machine to 15 years ago when this might have looked hot. I know “everyday is a winding road” for you, but even the dizziest of morons knows that pranking a human joke like Mayer is like multiplying zero by zero.

Seriously, I think “a change would do you good.” My stomach isn’t “strong enough” to look at the rest of the “picture.” But, “if it makes you happy”…

Yours bent over a toilet,