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Came across this funny clip yesterday [he says nonchalantly, completely disregarding the fact that he hasen’t posted in weeks]. On the surface, it’s just a throw away clip from some town fair coverage. But make sure you’re wearing Depends for the second view — a little bit’s gonna come out.

And here’s the first spoof of the I-like-turtles Kid I came across:


Spent an enjoyable weekend in Ottawa. The place doesn’t rock, but it does tap it’s feet in time and shake it now and then — which is more than Regina can say. The new war museum kicks ass. That’s me in front of a Leopard tank up top. Unfortunately there were signs everywhere saying you couldn’t climb on the armoured vehicles — just another situation where I wish I wasen’t literacied.

Downtown Ottawa has way more patios than Toronto. Most of them are attached to crappy Irish pubs, but the sloots in kilts make it worth it.


+ Patio boozin’
+ Reuben sandwhich
+ Front porch boozin’
+ Bushtukah
+ New National War Museum
+ Spicy hashbrowns at the Diner
+ Marathon weekend meant tons of sloots in Lululemon and TNA


+ You can’t climb on tanks at the war museum
+ Turns out we didn’t win Korean War
+ AK-47 for “display purposes only” at the war museum
+ Freaks and children at Westboro Starbucks
+ Tullips

Freaks and cheeks

A high school talent contest went a little blue in Denmark last week when a bunch of dirty Danes performed a strip show onstage — and that’s not even the funny part. The school holds the yearly event to decide who gets the best seats in the cafeteria! Normally, it comes down to who has the coolest clothes and crap, but this year students decided to go the other way.

I’m curious about what qualifies as the best seat in the cafeteria. When I was in high school, it was the one next to the door so you could make a quick escape when the beating of the nerds commenced. I imagine in Denmark it’s the one that doesn’t give you an STD. I’m no prude, but these kids are freaks.

Here’s the clip:

I blame Justin Timberlake