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Final Countdown…

I have the worst timing. I gave away my tv, ps2 and vcr all in one night due to my upcoming departure to Calgary. At least I still have a functioning liver, two kidneys and a wallet full of fives for pints of Carlsberg. Good thing my neighbor hasn’t clued in on how to block off his free wireless internet. Otherwise, I never would have found this gem.

Jailhouse rock

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Convicts at a prison in the Philippines were made to learn the choreography to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video as part of their daily exercise regime. Amazing what you can do with a few hundred inmates and a couple dozen well aimed shotguns.

It’s funny. This is sort of what Michael Jackson might have looked like if that trial had gone the other way.

See you in Chicago Amy

Due to a combination of funding (concert tix are getting pricey) and scheduling (mostly work-related) I’ve been going to fewer and fewer rock shows lately — which is why I get pissed when I miss a show I really should’ve found a way to see. Judging by the review on the Torontoist, Amy Winehouse’s sold out gig at the Mod Club, Sunday was one of these shows. Dammit.

Not only do I like to support my fellow functional alcoholics, but I’ve really gotten into her latest album Back to Black. Sure, the intros to most of the tracks make you think you’re about to hear a Supremes or Otis Redding tune, but Winehouse’s lyrics make up for the lack of creativity in the melody. I’m still grateful for the introduction of the word “fuckery” to my vocabulary thanks to “Me and Mr. Jones.”

Fortunately, she’s playing Lollapalooza this year, so I’ll get a chance to check her out there. Woot.

Here’s a kind of decent interview with Winehouse from Exclaim! Would have been nice to have a few more original questions about her being a raging booze hound and a few less of the boiler plate crap that’s been written a million times. Whatevs.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists kicked my ass last night with their Mod Club gig. Not only did he rock for like two hours straight, he also hates the Toronto Raptors which is always worth points in my book.

The thing that sucked though, was all these hipster scenester assholes who spent the whole show walking back and forth from the stage as if there was some other hot band playing somewhere else in the room. It’s an annoying Toronto phenomena and I can only guess it’s because these bearded button-lapelled indie wannabes don’t really like the music, just the scene.

Perhaps I’ll rent a hall and say Interpol’s playing. These fuckers will show up and not even care if the band goes on — as long as there’s a room full of try-hards to talk to about what new bands suck. That’s when I break out the firehose.

Like the mighty Sloan once said, “It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans.”

Here’s a clip of Sloan performing “Underwhelmed” at the Seahorse during the after-party for last year’s Rolling Stones concert in Halifax. It’s just like the good old days, when I used to see them play like this at the Birdland and the Double Deuce. Ah the memories. Chris Murphy being an ass onstage. Patrick Pentland holding it down on guitar. Drunk kids shouting the lyrics. Does someone have a tissue?

Cool clip. Sorry I missed the gig. The Seahorse still sucks.

Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins to headline Toronto Virgin Festival

I hear the Virgin Festival is coming back to Toronto and rumour has it Bjork and Smashing Pumpkins will lead the lineup.

The Killers, Interpol, Amy Winehouse Paolo Nutini, Tokyo Police Club and Jaime T. are among the 30 other bands booked to perform on Toronto Island on Sept. 8 and 9.

Bjork’s also headlining at next month’s Coachella music festival, so having her in the Toronto lineup is sure to create some buzz. I just hope she doesn’t get cut off like the Flaming Lips did at the close of last year’s show.

I don’t normally buy albums without previewing them first — and even then, I normally just pirate them. Arcade Fire’s new Neon Bible is an exception. Any fears I had about the Montreal outfit’s second release crumbling under the sophomore crunch have disapated. Although it’s not as raw as their debut, most Bible tracks still feature a barage of sound from organs, horns, strings and more. After first listen, I’m as hyped about the new one as I was about Funeral a few years ago.

The Guardian: It sounds terrific.

: 8.4/10

Rolling Stone: 3.5/5

Arcade Fire perform “Wake Up” with David Bowie:


I said it before. Once the iPod Shuffle drops down to around $69 I would grab one. So I was left with no choice when I was checking out Apple’s discount page for refurbished products and saw the gray ones on for $20 off. I’ve been burned once in the past by something I bought from this page — my 30GB iPod broke down after 12 days — but they replaced it as per the 1-year warranty. Besides, these things are basically little flash memory cards with navigation controls — not a lot to go wrong inside.

It should be here any day now. Unforntunately the sexy mysterious girl above is not included. However, once I clip this baby on I’ll need an iStick to keep the iSloots off of me.


According to, Britney Spears has checked herself back into rehab — presumably to exercise whatever demons made her go bitchcakes this weekend.

And I say not a minute too soon. She was seriously starting to cramp my style.

Britney Spears

Get well soon, freak!

You’d think with all the millions she’s making Nelly Furtado would be able to hire a stylist, or at least get a trim at SuperCuts. Instead, she’s quickly becoming one of Canada’s most fashionably challenged.

Seriously. Is she at the Grammys? Or a job interview at Value Village? I hope she takes off the blindfold next time she walks through the closet.