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Here’s a clip of Sloan performing “Underwhelmed” at the Seahorse during the after-party for last year’s Rolling Stones concert in Halifax. It’s just like the good old days, when I used to see them play like this at the Birdland and the Double Deuce. Ah the memories. Chris Murphy being an ass onstage. Patrick Pentland holding it down on guitar. Drunk kids shouting the lyrics. Does someone have a tissue?

Cool clip. Sorry I missed the gig. The Seahorse still sucks.

Halifornia love

If you’re wondering why I’m totally psyched it’s because the nominees for the East Coast Music Awards were announced yesterday and Halifax’s other favourite sons — Sloan — are nominated for a bunch of tin. Woot!

Sure, the ECMAs might not be the sexiest sloot on the award show block, but there’s no question that some of the greatest indie and pop talent in Canada comes from that side of the country, so you’re at least guaranteed some half-decent performances.

Sloan are some confident that they’re going to sweep that they’re sending the ’92 version of themselves (below) to the awards Feb. 17.


Other nomination highlights include In-Flight Safety, the Trews, Joel Plaskett.

Here are some highlights:

• Recording of the Year: Bring On The Storm by Charlie A’Court; Somebody Wrote Love by George Canyon; Ron Hynes by Ron Hynes; For All Time by Jill Barber; Never Hear The End Of It by Sloan.

• Group Recording of the Year: Chucky Danger Band for Colour; In-Flight Safety for The Coast is Clear; Madviolet for Caravan; Sloan for Never Hear the End Of It; The Divorcees for You Ain’t Gettin’ My Country.

• Single of the Year: Marching Machine by Chucky Danger Band; Nowhere With You by Joel Plaskett Emergency; Don’t Hold Me Down by Kayle; Run by Rex Goudie; Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me by The Trews.

• Alternative Recording of the Year: The Coast is Clear by In-Flight Safety; Wet on Wet by Jon Epworth and the Improvements; Fate Chance Luck Dance by Mars Hill; Strode Dodger by On Vinyl; Isolator by Two Hours Traffic.

New Sloan drops…

Sloan tickets. Woot!

Got my tickets to go to the Sloan record release party Sept. 19. It’s their only scheduled Toronto gig at the moment and I was afraid I might miss out because the venue’s kind of small and there aren’t a ton of tickets available to the public.

The guys seem to have discovered YouTube and posted a bunch of videos from the studio on their site. Check them out.