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According to, Britney Spears has checked herself back into rehab — presumably to exercise whatever demons made her go bitchcakes this weekend.

And I say not a minute too soon. She was seriously starting to cramp my style.

Britney Spears

Get well soon, freak!

You’d think with all the millions she’s making Nelly Furtado would be able to hire a stylist, or at least get a trim at SuperCuts. Instead, she’s quickly becoming one of Canada’s most fashionably challenged.

Seriously. Is she at the Grammys? Or a job interview at Value Village? I hope she takes off the blindfold next time she walks through the closet.


Great band, great song.

But Fugazi is totally straight edge, which to me is like remembering how awesome a movie Eyes Wide Shut was and then realizing that Tom Cruise is a scientologist freak.

Most people will say I’m wrong and that straight edge hardcore bands produced some of the ’80s best music without booze, drugs and smokes. And to them I say without these things, Fugazi are a bunch of sober dudes rubbing up against each other onstage without their shirts on.

Still, somehow they manage to tear shit up. I’m torn.

Above the rim

When it comes to ice creams, I’ve been an Adidas guy ever since I tried on my first pair of Gazelles 14 years ago. But as a teenager, I was all about the Nikes. My room was covered in Bo Knows, MARS and Air Force 1 posters while the closet was packed with all the Air Max, ACG Cross-trainers and Air Jordan’s my summer jobs let me afford.

And I wasen’t frontin’ either. This was before beer, so I was actually pretty athletic back then. In fact, my only addiction was to kicking ass on the courts or the soccer pitch. And yes, I could touch rim.

Aw crap, I’m starting to sound like one of those “this is your brain on” anti-fun ads.

Anyway, GQ’s slideshow on the history of Nike Air brings back memories I thought had been lost to boozin’. Remains to be seen if that is a good thing. woot?